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Smugglers’ trails

Smugglers’ trails

For centuries the people of the Canale del Brenta have derived their living from growing tobacco and from smuggling it. Of the centuries-old cultivation, now virtually extinct, the record remains in the characteristic terracing supported by high dry stone walls, the masiere, which rise on the slopes of the mountains up to 400-500 metres above the level of the Brenta, in the hamlets on the hillside all facing the sun, in the lines of communication between valley floor and mountainside. From the land at the bottom of the valleys some steep paths which rise to the plateau, still called the "trodi del tabacco", were certainly also used by smugglers.

Travelling over the road that tobacco smugglers once passed along to make a living, going over and above the various villages that made the history of our area, but never passing through the villages themselves, only skirting them.

After the excursion a visit to the Carpanè Tobacco Museum is planned. The collection houses work tools, a reconstruction of a typical environment for working tobacco and historic documentation about tobacco cultivation on the slopes of the Valbrenta.

The tour operator suggests:

Excursion on foot along one of the paths of the Tobacco High Road (with nature guide on request), visit to the Carpanè Tobacco Museum, overnight stay in B&B double room, dinner based on produce typical of the chosen venues. Cost from € 90,00 a head.


Strolling among cherry gardens and vineyards

Strolling among cherry gardens

Mason Vicentino, Molvena and Pianezze. The district of four local comuni included in the route of an agreeable walk: the Colceresa route in spring.

The Percorso Colceresa is a route of around 12 km, which winds among the hills of Pianezze, Molvena and Mason. It can be covered in 4/5 hours at a gentle pace. Especially attractive in spring, because in spring Pianezze, Molvena and Mason become a huge garden in bloom. The white of peach and almond trees and the pink of cherries particularly stand out. Those cherry trees render as their fruit one of the outstanding, officially recognised products of the Province of Vicenza: Marostica cherries.

Moving towards the district of Breganze it is possible to walk along the roads of the Torcolato and the area of fine wines with the potential for tastings in the many local cellars. We alert you to the possibility of taking part in the Vespaiolona on 20 June 2014, a white (and red) night dedicated to fine Breganze wines.

Close to the summer solstice, the doors of the Breganze cellars open wide for a travelling tasting session of the district's excellent wines combined with many culinary specialities and a rich programme of entertainment.

The tour operator suggests:

A walk along the routes of Colceresa (nature guide on request) among the cherry trees in flower (in season), a halt at the old sawmill of the Covolo brothers, a visit to the town of Marostica (guide on request), overnight stay double room with B&B service, dinner based on traditional produce. Cost from € 105,00 a head.


Through nature, history and spirituality

Through nature, history and spirituality

Sport, spirituality, art and history. All this in a unique, attractive walk in the heart of the Valli del Brenta so as to reach the Eremo di San Giorgio at Solagna. Among rocky peaks and short climbs, the path is ideal for an Alpine excursion, midseason and in the winter time. The walk envisages demanding routes for expert walkers, which can easily be avoided following alternative paths that allow even the less experienced to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding landscape and the atmosphere steeped in spirituality which will accompany you to the hermitage. Here, as well as the extraordinary view, it will be possible to enjoy the Eremo di San Giorgio and retrace its troubled history from 1571 to today.

For the descent, those who are more experienced can test themselves by walking the Sentiero del Torrion, which branches off a few hundred yards from the start of the bridle path to the Eremo di San Giorgio. About half way, we suggest a halt at the little church with ample facilities for a picnic and a fireplace, an excellent moment to taste the De.Co. products of the district.

The tour operator suggests:

Nature trail among historic lands, visit to the Piccolo Museo 1915 - 1918 Roberto Favero at San Giovanni which brings together a significant collection of relics salvaged from the battlefields of Monte Grappa, overnight stay in double room and B&B service at Solagna and dinner in a characteristic restaurant of the area. We inform you of the "Ravisse" food and wine festival in October. Cost from € 90,00 a head.


Waters clear, cool and sweet

Waters clear, cool and sweet

A weekend in contact with that vital element par excellence: water. Follow the routes it takes and delight in its purity in a district where it gushes abundantly and crystal-clear: the Valli del Pasubio, where you can walk the famous Via dell'Acqua. This is an excursion which, as it does not present particular difficulties, is suited to all the family. The main theme is, indeed, water: motive force for all traditional activities, resource for current activities and wealth for the future.

This is a history and nature kind of walk and follows the course of the waters that the fairly broad mountain basin has always favoured. The wealth of waters has always been one of the chief characteristics of this valley. The walk crosses twelve depots, passing by the banks of the Leogra, and enables you to visit the bottling plant of a well-known firm and, finally, the Segheria alla Veneziana in the Seghetta district.
This is a saw for tree trunks operated by the force of the waters, called "Venetian-style" because it was introduced at the time of the Republic of Venice and modelled on a plan by Leonardo da Vinci; it replaced more basic makes of water-powered saw.

To get further into the theme of water we recommend going by car to the village of Posina, renowned for its spring waters. At Posina the streams are so rich in trout as to constitute an important sporting attraction. As an alternative to fishing, there are long walks along the paths where the water emerges full of minerals from the living rock, ready to be bottled.

Last Sunday in October: market fair of typical products of Posina.

The tour operator suggests:

Excursion along the "Via dell'Acqua" (nature guide on request) with a visit to craft and commercial activities along the way, an overnight stay in a double room in the area of Posina with B&B service and dinner with tasting of gnocchi pasta with Posina potato and Posina beans. Cost from € 95,00 a head.


At the top of the world’s longest flight of steps

At the top of the world’s longest flight of steps

Lovers of challenges will certainly not be discouraged by the longest stairway in Italy and (among those open to the public) in the world. 4,444 steps to climb before getting to the top of the Calà del Sasso. Dug entirely in the rock, with a rise of over 700 metres, the stairway is a 7 km route which takes on average four and a half hours to do there and back, quite demanding, suitable for all but with certain precautions depending on the season. A route which links the comune of Valstagna with the community of Sasso di Asiago, its interest is not limited to the fields of sport and nature but also history and legend.

The Calà ("descent") was actually created in the 14th Century under the rule of Gian Galeazzo Visconti to enable an easier route when transporting tree trunks, an activity which had been the source of support for the whole valley for a long time. The woodcutters, after having dragged the trunks down to the valley, moving them along the channel which flanks the stairway, could reprovision themselves with food and essential goods in the village of Valstagna.
The Calà del Sasso was further extensively used by the Venetians from the 15th to the 18th Centuries to resupply the Arsenal with wood for shipbuilding. A love story is also connected with the stairway. It is the story of the husband and wife to be, Loretta and Nicolò, which sees the bride saved from death thanks to her lover who manages to bring back a miraculous unguent by travelling the Calà del Sasso. For this reason it is also called the Lovers' Stairway.This love story is commemorated every second Sunday in August with a torchlight procession.

Visits to the history museums of Valstagna can be added to the excursion: the Oliero Paper Mill Museum, former centre of paper production, the A. Parolini Museum of Speleology and Karst, and the Canal di Brenta Ethnographic Museum. Don't miss the annual Palio delle Zattere raft race on the penultimate Sunday in July.

The tour operator suggests:

Excursion along the trail, possibility of visiting the 3 museums mentioned, overnight stay in double room and B&B service, packed lunch, traditional dinner in a restaurant of the area. Cost from € 120,00 a head.

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